Weather Warning


Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Western Australia

Minor Flood Warning for the Swan River

Issued at 10:49 AM WST on Sunday 1 Aug 2021.

Flood Warning Number: 5


Widespread heavy rainfall over the past week has resulted in river rises and areas of flooding in the Avon and Swan River catchments. Minor flooding is occurring along the Swan River at Walyunga.

In the 24 hours to 9:00 am Sunday, widespread rainfall totals of 5-15 mm were recorded in the Swan River catchment. No significant rainfall is expected over the next few days.

Rainfall in the catchment over the past few days is leading to renewed rises in river levels.

Catchment conditions are wet from recent rainfall which combined with areas of flooding may adversely affect road conditions in the Swan River catchment.

Swan River upstream of Walyunga

Minor flooding is occurring along the Swan River upstream of Walyunga.

Latest River Heights

LocationHeight of River (m)TendencyDate/Time of Observation
Brockman River at Tanamerah1.29Steady10:00 AM SUN 01/08/21
Brockman River at Yalliawirra1.46Steady09:00 AM SUN 01/08/21
Wooroloo Brook at Karls Ranch1.02Steady10:05 AM SUN 01/08/21
Swan River at Walyunga3.87Rising09:30 AM SUN 01/08/21
Ellen Brook at Railway Parade0.96Steady10:00 AM SUN 01/08/21
Darkin River at Pine Plantation1.23Steady10:00 AM SUN 01/08/21
Helene River at Poison Lease0.63Steady10:00 AM SUN 01/08/21
Helena Brook at Trew Road0.46Steady10:00 AM SUN 01/08/21
Jane Brook at National Park0.40Steady10:00 AM SUN 01/08/21
Swan River at Meadow Street Bridge1.65Steady10:00 AM SUN 01/08/21
Barrack Street Jetty1.38Falling10:45 AM SUN 01/08/21