Weather Warning


Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
South Australia

Flood Warning for the Inland Rivers

Issued at 11:40 AM CDT on Saturday 23 Mar 2019.

Flood Warning Number: 18

Flooding continues through the Goyder Lagoon and along the Warburton River.

Flood impacts such as inundation of flood plains, cutting of some roads and impact to graziers are expected to continue over coming weeks.

Heavy rainfall is expected to develop near the SA/QLD border with the southwards movement of TC Trevor. Rainfall totals of 50 to 100 mm are expected in the area during Monday and Tuesday with some local higher falls possible. This rainfall could cause widespread flooding in the lower Diamantina River, the Cooper Creek and Eyre Creek catchments in SA, and possible increased inflows to the Warburton River later in the week.


The Water level at Poothapoota Waterhole, just downstream of the Goyder Lagoon, peaked at around 5.7 metres on Tuesday 12 March and is currently at around 5.45 metres and steady. The water level at Poothapoota is expected to remain steady over the next few days.

Water will continue to flow into Kati Thanda - Lake Eyre over coming weeks.

Latest River Heights

LocationHeight of River (m)TendencyDate/Time of Observation
Diamantina River at Birdsville (DEW)2.40Falling10:30 AM SAT 23/03/19
Warburton River at Poothapoota Waterhole5.45Steady10:15 AM SAT 23/03/19