Weather Warning


Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Minor Flood Warning for the Norman River and Flood Warning for the Gilbert River

Issued at 3:42 PM EST on Friday 23 Feb 2024.

Flood Warning Number: 10


Isolated rainfall totals of up to 22 mm were recorded in the 24 hours to 9:00 am Friday across the Norman and Gilbert River catchments.

River levels are elevated along the Norman River upstream of Normanton. Minor flooding is occurring at Normanton with small river level rises likely over the weekend.

There remains a chance of showers with possible thunderstorms forecast for the Gulf Country area for the next few days, which may cause further river level rises.

The situation is being closely monitored and warnings will be updated as required.

Norman River

Minor flooding is continuing at Yappar River and approaching the moderate flood level. Further downstream, small renewed river level rises are occurring through to Glenore Weir. Major flooding is occurring along the Walker Creek at Burke Development Road.

Gilbert River

Elevated river levels are slowly easing along the Gilbert River. River levels are above the minor flood level at Miranda Downs, and easing. The river level along the Gilbert River at Burke Development Road is above the level of the bridge (4.50 m) by around 1.50 metres on Friday, and falling.

Latest River Heights

LocationHeight of River (m)TendencyDate/Time of Observation
Gilbert R at Rockfields TM5.83Rising03:00 PM FRI 23/02/24
Einasleigh R at Einasleigh TM3.88Steady03:00 PM FRI 23/02/24
Etheridge R at Roseglen TM3.25Rising03:00 PM FRI 23/02/24
Gilbert R at Burke Dev Rd TM6.03Steady03:00 PM FRI 23/02/24
Norman R d/s Yappar R Junction TM3.44Steady09:00 AM FRI 23/02/24
Norman R at Glenore Weir TM10.41Steady03:00 PM FRI 23/02/24
Norman R at Normanton TM2.88Steady12:00 PM FRI 23/02/24
Karumba Tide TM3.05Steady03:02 PM FRI 23/02/24