Weather Warning


Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Major Flood Warning for the lower Flinders River and Minor Flood Warning for the Norman River

Issued at 8:46 AM EST on Friday 22 Feb 2019.

Flood Warning Number: 45

Floodwaters across the lower Flinders River are expected to be very slowly easing, based on satellite imagery. Major flooding will continue along parts of the lower reaches of the Flinders River during through the weekend.

The Flinders River has experienced its most significant flood in at least the last 50 years. Record floodwaters in places had also broken out into adjacent catchments.

It is recommended to look at satellite imagery ( to appreciate the full extent of the flooding in and around the Flinders River area, particularly the lower reaches of the Flinders River which extend into the neighbouring catchment area of the Norman River.

No further significant rainfall is expected over the next few days.

Many automatic gauges across the Gulf Rivers catchments have returned to service following a data outage over a week ago. However, the data continues to be intermittent and some gauges are yet to return data.

Flinders River downstream of Richmond

Flood levels downstream of Richmond continue to very slowly ease. Floodwaters across the lower reaches of the Flinders River are contracting across the floodplain, particularly in the area between Etta Plains and Canobie through to Walkers Bend.

Norman River

Minor flood levels continue to slowly ease between Yappar River and Normanton.

Latest River Heights

LocationHeight of River (m)TendencyDate/Time of Observation
Flinders R at Hulberts Bridge TM1.57Falling07:00 AM FRI 22/02/19
Flinders R at Punchbowl TM2.45Steady08:00 AM FRI 22/02/19
Flinders R at Etta Plains TM1.99Rising08:00 AM FRI 22/02/19
Cloncurry R at Cloncurry TM1.07Steady08:00 AM FRI 22/02/19
Julia Ck at Julia Ck TM1.07Steady08:00 AM FRI 22/02/19
Norman R at Glenore Weir TM11.23Steady08:20 AM FRI 22/02/19
Norman R at Normanton TM3.19Falling06:00 AM FRI 22/02/19
Karumba Tide TM2.17Steady06:37 AM FRI 22/02/19