Weather Warning


Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Minor Flood Warning for the lower Thomson River and Flood Warning for the Cooper Creek

Issued at 11:08 AM EST on Friday 22 Feb 2019.

Flood Warning Number: 22

Minor flood levels are continuing along parts of the lower Thomson River, whilst river levels are now below the minor flood level on the Cooper Creek at Windorah.

Isolated showers or thunderstorms are possible over the next few days but this rainfall is not expected to worsen the current flooding situation.

Thomson River

The water level in the Thomson River at Bogewong is peaking. Renewed rises are expected downstream to Stonehenge and Jundah over the next few days.

Cooper Creek

Renewed rises are likely on the Cooper Creek at Windorah early next week as upstream floodwater arrives.

Latest River Heights

LocationHeight of River (m)TendencyDate/Time of Observation
Thomson R at Longreach Auto TM1.61Steady09:00 AM FRI 22/02/19
Thomson R at Jundah1.90Falling10:45 AM Fri 22/02/19
Jordan R at Glencoe Alert0.59Steady07:20 AM FRI 22/02/19
Cooper Ck at Nappa Merrie TM-0.03Steady08:00 AM FRI 22/02/19