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Students were on board the buses as they went through the water. - ABC

Police are investigating after two school buses were caught on camera driving through floodwaters near Bundaberg in southern Queensland.

Video posted on social media shows two buses ignoring the "if it is flooded, forget it" safety message.

Students can be seen testing the waters across a flooded road, which was just below knee-deep, before getting on the bus.

The bus then takes off, crossing what at times is fast-flowing water.

The students can be heard voicing their concerns about water getting into the bus.

"Water is leaking in — oh really, when we get to dry land again you have to open the door again," one student said.

Mid-crossing, one student asks: "Is it strong?" Another replies: "Just here it is".

The bus driver is later heard saying "it's shallow here".

Another bus bypasses 'road closed' sign

A second social media post of a separate incident showed a bus bypassing a road closed sign and crossing a flooded road believed to be on the Booyan-Sharon route near Moore Park Beach.

The sign clearly stated: "No entry due to flooding".

At least 70 roads were cut during five days of wild weather that hit the Wide Bay-Burnett region.

Three days earlier, a 67-year-old man died as he tried to collect his car after first abandoning it on a flooded causeway near Gympie.

There were also two swift water rescues, with police making repeated warnings to drivers to not cross flooded roads.

Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones has referred the incidents to Translink and asked for the bus companies involved to be formally identified.

"Like all parents, we want to ensure our children are safe including travelling to and from school," she said.

"I am advised TransLink, the relevant authority, is investigating this matter."

Local police are also investigating, describing the actions as "dangerous and foolish".

The drivers could face a fine of $132 and lose three demerit points for disobeying a road sign.

They could also potentially be slapped with a dangerous driving fine.