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Leila the dog eager for her first dog-friendly pint at the Osbourne Hotel in Fortitude Valley. - ABC

Why did the dog walk into the bar?

Because Queensland's experiencing a heatwave and there's no let-up in sight.

Four-legged and two-legged patrons at a bar in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley cooled off with a cold drink.

A dog-friendly non alcoholic "beer" was Leia the dog's tipple of choice.

Owner Kahli Ryan said heading to the bar on a hot day with her dog was a no-brainer.

"Can't go wrong, I get one, she gets one, win-win," she said.

Forecaster Michelle Berry said this week's heatwave is unusual for how widespread and long-lasting it is.

"It's likely western Queensland in particular will see temperatures getting towards the mid-40s," Ms Berry said.

"Even areas like Roma, Charleville, Emerald we're looking like those areas in the mid to low 40s also.

"This is a very extensive event … that's what really sets this apart from others, it's the extent and duration."

Ms Berry said a cool change is not expected anytime soon.

"In the south-east at least up to and including Thursday we'll see temperatures well and truly above average," she said.

Maximum temperatures will still remain above average into next weekend.

The bureau said only twice before has the statewide average maximum temperature in February exceeded 40 degrees.

"This week we'll probably see that at least twice," Ms Berry said.