Australia Weather News

Temperature records have been broken in parts of the Wide Bay as heatwave conditions continue to affect the region.

The mercury rose to 38.5 degrees at the Bundaberg airport, a new record for the hottest February day on record.

Gayndah in the North Burnett exceeded 40 degrees.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Peter Clarson said the warm weather was expected to continue on Tuesday before a reprieve on Wednesday.

"It will cool down quite substantially from Wednesday so temperatures in Gayndah for example dropping by five degrees and Bundaberg drops by a couple of degrees as well," he said.

"It will feel much nicer with that south easterly change pushing through on Wednesday."

Temperatures above 40 into the evening

Monto resident Cheryl Latimore said being spared from water restrictions was a saving grace for the town during the height of the heatwave on Monday.

"It was 42 degrees and it remained hot right through into the afternoon — even after five o'clock it was above 40 degrees," Ms Latimore said.

"We're lucky we've got water with no restrictions, but a lot of people have had no rain and the dams are empty.

"We might have to put some cracks in the water tower to sprinkle on the town if the heat continues."

Fire danger hasn't disappeared

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said the dryer-than-expected summer meant the bushfire season is far from over.

Bushfire safety officer Shaune Toohey said residents, particularly landholders, needed to remain alert.

"This time of year we often do get those seasonal rains that come through, unfortunately this year we haven't had as much luck," Mr Toohey said.

"We still have a lot of that available fuel out on the ground.

"We are making sure that property owners are aware those conditions are still around."