Australia Weather News

Dangerous thunderstorms that hit south-east Queensland on Monday night have brought substantial rain to the region, with one bayside suburb recording 118mm in one hour.

Between 6:00pm and 7:00pm, 118mm fell at Alexandra Hills in Brisbane's bayside, while 105mm was recorded just south of Beenleigh in Logan.

A severe thunderstorm warning was cancelled just after 10:00pm.

It was in place for people on the Sunshine Coast and parts of Gympie, Somerset, Redland City, Noosa, Brisbane City and Moreton Bay areas.

"Very dangerous thunderstorms moved in just to the east and south-east of the Brisbane area and are moving out towards the coast," meteorologist Shane Kennedy said earlier in the evening.

"Well above the heavy rainfall thresholds into the intense rainfall, so a very dangerous amount of rain falling in a short amount of time there.

"It's been quite an active evening for sure."

A trough further inland triggered a lot of the storm activity, which tracked across the south-east coast and impacted parts of the Sunshine Coast later in the evening.

Mr Kennedy said further storms were possible on Tuesday.

"The trough sitting inland is still likely to persist there, so the triggers will likely have those storms firing once again, unfortunately," he said.

"At this stage, a slightly lower risk in terms of severity, but there will certainly still be the risk of seeing those potentially severe thunderstorms, both bringing heavy rainfall, damaging wind gusts and potentially some large hail as well."