Australia Weather News

The La Niña weather cycle is set to bring the first wild weather event of the summer to Victoria over the weekend.

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting wind gusts of 90-100 kilometres an hour across the state, with the potential for thunderstorms.

There's also a severe fire danger warning for the Mallee and Wimmera, in the state's north-west.

Senior Meteorologist Diana Eadie says the wind gusts will pick up in the early hours of Saturday morning in Western Victoria, reaching Melbourne by early afternoon.

There'll be a strong northerly wind in the early afternoon, followed by a secondary burst of strong gusts with a westerly wind change around dinner time.

"We'll be watching those areas that are more vulnerable to northerly funnelling, so typically we see stronger wind gusts affecting the northern suburbs, but it can also channel through to the south-eastern bayside suburbs," Ms Eadie said.

Temperatures over the weekend are expected to be between four and 10 degrees below average for this time of year.

Alistair Drayton, Deputy Chief Officer at the State Emergency Service, warned people to be aware of the conditions, especially if they're dining out in Melbourne's CBD over the next two days.

"Be really mindful of umbrellas and outdoor furniture again securing those down and being aware of the risks," he said.

"They can become airborne and dangerous projectiles.

"Tragically, last year we saw three people killed by falling trees and branches and that's something we definitely wish to avoid again."

The SES is preparing for more frequent wild weather events over the summer.

"In the recently declared La Niña event, we are expecting higher rainfalls and thunderstorm activities, so for the coming months this is something we will see regularly," Mr Drayton said.

Conditions over the weekend mean there will be a moderate risk of thunderstorm asthma in Victoria.