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Christine Phineisa and Alicia Anderson said the river was the ideal place to cool down. - ABC

It's been a "stinker" in the southern Queensland town of Goondiwindi, where the last day of spring is likely to have broken November temperature records.

The official Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) reading will not be made until tomorrow morning, but locals measured 47 degrees Celsius, well above the 43.9C record.

The heat is being caused by a persistent high-pressure system, and the BOM said Monday was just a taste of what's to come, with the system expected to linger for several days.

Best friends Christine Phineisa and Alicia Anderson said the only way to cope was to swim and sit in the air conditioning.

"Drink a lot of cold ice water and ice blocks, I love ice blocks," Ms Phineisa said.

The pair chose the Macintyre River over the swimming pool.

"It's refreshing … you jump in and you go to the bottom and that's where all the cold water is," Ms Phineisa said.

"It's free … sometimes the pool isn't as cold as the river is.

"You get to bomb dive and jump off stuff."

The teenagers said they had also been having water balloon fights and playing with water guns.

"We filled up nearly 600 water balloons," Ms Phineisa said.

Glenn McGrady made the trip across the New South Wales border to cool down at the river.

"It feels way hotter than normal," he said.

"[You] can't sleep at night, it's too hot."

Pool prime position

Border River Christian College students opted for the pool, with their last swimming lesson of the term.

"So glad we have a pool to swim in," Amber said.

"When we came here it was so hot, but once we got in it was so much better," Sarah said.

Paul Johnson and Karen Gallis were out and about early, so they could spend the hottest part of the day in the air conditioning.

"You can't escape it. The only way is to sit in front of the air con," Mr Johnson said.

"It's gone from being really nice weather to [whistles] really hot."

Despite this, he was not phased by the mercury.

"Most country people are pretty tough," Mr Johnson said.

More hot weather predicted

BOM senior meteorologist Felim Hanniffy said the hot weather would stick around all week.

"On Wednesday that heat transfers further east with parts of the Darling Downs potentially seeing some record temperatures," he said.

"Even parts of the south-eastern inland around Gatton could also see potential records with temperatures getting to the low to mid-40s on Wednesday."

A thunderstorm is forecast for this afternoon or evening, but the weather bureau said it will bring little to no rain.

The temperatures will stay in the 40s until Friday, when it will dip to 38, before climbing again over the weekend.