Australia Weather News

Dry parts of Queensland have received some much needed rain and the weather bureau says there's more, and possible hailstorms, on the way.

The Capricornia region received the best rainfall overnight with Miriam Vale getting 95 millimetres.

The drought-affected town implemented water restrictions last month — the first time since 2002.

Further north, Gladstone had 80mm — including 50mm in just one hour.

Parts of the Sunshine Coast had up to 60mm, the Gold Coast up to 20mm.

Brisbane didn't miss out either, receiving between 15 and 30mm overnight.

The Bureau of Meteorology's David Crock said there are more showers and the odd storm on the way this afternoon for the Granite Belt, Darling Downs, and the south-east.

"There should be plenty of hail in some of those storms," he said.

"Then it all clears offshore overnight and Sunday will be fine and sunny, pretty much across all of Queensland."

He said it's much needed.

"Obviously, it's a long way to go in terms of drought, but it's absolutely most welcome for everyone who's got it," Mr Crock said.

"It's always a double-edged sword. Hopefully it hasn't been too heavy for most people. If it's too heavy, it starts to wash away top soil and damage property and trees.

"There has been a lot of hail too in these storms because the upper atmosphere is quite cold with this system."

The State Emergency Service received about 30 calls over the past 24 hours, mainly for leaking roofs and fallen trees.

'Gives us hope'

Grazier Anthony McWatters said his property at Haden, north of Toowoomba, got 15mm of rain in 24 hours.

"It settles the dust and gives us hope. It really makes us feel as we head towards summer we might get some rain, might get some storms," he said.

"It may be the start of something much better."

Trevor Hess said his property at Maclagan got 8mm, but any rain is welcome.

"We'd have liked to see a bit more. But at least it proves it can rain."

"The changes are coming through, whereas we're not in a stagnant period anymore.

"It gives us some hope that it still can rain."